Maximum Truth John O'Loughlin recycles dualism in an aphoristic structure paying especial tribute to transcendentalism
Truthful Maxims The sequel to 'Maximum Truth' by John O'Loughlin is also comprised of 707 maxims constructed within a framework deriving from the four elements
Informal Maxims Continues from where 'Truthful Maxims' leaves off in its exploration of philosophical truth from a transcendental standpoint
Maximum Informality The sequel to 'Informal Maxims' with over 1000 maxims of varying length and style by John O'Loughlin
Occasional Maxims Sometimes more essayistic than aphoristic in its treatment of a variety of subjects familiar to readers of John O'Loughlin
Maximum Occasions Seems to 'do the business' largely at the expense of 'Occasional Maxims' to which it forms the aphoristic sequel
Omega Maxims Another mighty philosophical project from John O'Loughlin who has penned over 1000 aphorisms of varying length
Maximum Omega The last of John O'Loughlin's collections of maxims also dates from 1996 and indicates further philosophical progress beyond 'Omega Maxims'
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