Bradbury's Book of Hallmarks: A Guide to Marks of Origin on English, Scottish and Irish Silver, Gold and Platinum and on Foreign Imported Silver and Gold Plate 1544 to 2010 Perfect for ID'ing gold and silver dates
Coincraft's Standard Catalogue of the Coins of Scotland, Ireland, Channel Islands and Isle of Man Perfect for Scottish and Irish coin ID'ing
Military Buttons of the American Revolution Excellent for early numbered British regimental buttons
Tokens and Tallies Through the Ages Get all 3 in the series to ID all token and tally's through the ages
Buckles, 1250-1800 Covers every buckle type
Detector Finds 5: Guide to Dating and Identifying Artefacts Get all 5 in the series, brilliant books
Saxon and Viking Artefacts Get the Celtic, Roman and medieval set
Roman Military Equipment from the Punic Wars to the Fall of Rome, second edition Stunning book with full pictures of finds
Coins of England and the United Kingdom: Standard Catalogue of British Coins Great guide to prices