Private Life Of Chairman Mao: The Memoirs of Mao's Personal Physician A unique insight in the private details of Mao's Life. A Must read for those interested in Mao as a Person, or the rich History of TiananMen Square and the Hall
Mao Zedong: A Political and Intellectual Portrait (Polity Political Profiles) A Great try at analysis of Mao Zedong as a Politician, strategist and thinker. What were the Passions that had Mao lead the Chinese Nation into a new Era? Portr
Quotations from Chairman Mao Tsetung The Forever Souvenir of TiananMen Square - the Quotations of Chairman Mao. Great Gift and historical treasure.
The New Emperors: Mao and Deng - A Dual Biography Some say Chinese Political Culture continued regardless of the New Symbols and Grandiose Changes. A Portrait of two Supreme Leaders and Central Government in Ch
The Long March: Red China Under Chairman Mao The Grand History of the Chinese Revolutionary Struggle and the Life of Mao Zedong. Find out all the details on the Chinese Revolution and the Leadership of Mao
Mao (Lives) One of many good Introductions to the Life of Mao Zedong. Red by many - the biography on Mao by Professor Jonathan Spence.
The Battle for China's Past: Mao and the Cultural Revolution Read all about the Time over Political Zealousy, Over Correctness and the struggle of China and Mao Zedong after 1949 AD. Good analysis, great stories ..
The Chinese Revolution and Mao Zedong in World History A great introduction to the achievements of the Chinese Communist Party under leadership of Mao Zedong. How did the Revolution happen, why and what does it mean
The Man on Mao's Right: From Harvard Yard to Tiananmen Square, My Life Inside China's Foreign Ministry A unique Book ! The inside story of hwat went on inside the Halls of Power in Red China during the bygone days of the Cold War ! Take it from someone who worked