Eulogies to Die For: A Book For Those Moments When Words Fail Us
My Deepest Sympathies...: Meaningful Sentiments for Condolence Notes and Conversations, Plus a Guide to Eulogies
Well-Remembered Friends: Eulogies on Celebrated Lives
Remembrances and Celebrations: A Book of Eulogies, Elegies, Letters, and Epitaphs
From Eulogy to Joy: A Heartfelt Anthology (Capital Cares (Paperback))
Robert F. Kennedy : In His Own Words (Featuring Speeches Given by Robert F. Kennedy plus Eulogy by Edward Kennedy)
A Book of Self Written Eulogies
Farewell, Godspeed: The Greatest Eulogies of Our Time
Eulogies Unchained: A Collection of Poetry
A Labor of Love: How to Write a Eulogy
How to Write and Deliver a Loving Eulogy
In Tribute: Eulogies of Famous People