Seventeen Equations that Changed the World
Professor Stewart's Cabinet of Mathematical Curiosities An treasure trove of puzzles and facts on all different areas of Mathematics. Highly recommended!!!
Professor Stewart's Hoard of Mathematical Treasures Another collection of interesting tidbits from across mathematics.
MATHEMATICS OF LIFE: Unlocking the Secrets of Existence
The Number Mysteries: A Mathematical Odyssey through Everyday Life Explore in a little bit of depth some of the problems that still face mathematicians, and how solving them could make you rich!
The Music of the Primes: Why an Unsolved Problem in Mathematics Matters A beautiful walk through one of the most surprising and fascinating area of numbers, and the huge impact they have.
Alex's Adventures in Numberland: Dispatches from the Wonderful World of Mathematics
Big Bang: The Most Important Scientific Discovery of All Time and Why You Need to Know About It
Fermat's Last Theorem: The Story Of A Riddle That Confounded The World's Greatest Minds For 358 Years The story of how one of the greatest problems in mathematics was solved. This box is too small for a complete description!
The Code Book: The Secret History of Codes and Code-breaking A wonderful journey through the history of codes, from the beginning to modern day. A must for those interested in codes.
The Big Book of Brain Games: 1000 PlayThinks of Art, Mathematics and Science An absolute must have for any puzzle fans. Not only thought provoking, but beautifully laid out.