The Art Book don't think i could really travel without this little gem
30,000 Years of Art: The story of human creativity across time and space need to travel with this one as well
I Know How To Cook this is a brilliant cookbook but the layout is not conventional so put a little effort into navigating it
The 20th Century Art Book : Mini Edition these wonderful mini books should be standard issue to any traveller
This Is Modern Art this is a good read - perhaps you need an accompanying guide - but enjoyable style
Drawing and Painting Technique (Readers Digest) Readers Digest do a very good job here
Problem Solving for Oil Painters: Recognizing What's Gone Wrong and How to Make It Right (Practical Art Books) If you get one inspirational idea then it's worth the purchase - there are more than one here
The Principles of Art (Galaxy Books) true this is not exactly a coffee table book but just because it is a brilliant thesis in the philosophy of art doesn't mean it is not a good read - which it is