Trans-Siberian Railway (Lonely Planet Country Guides) Whatever you do, do not attempt this journey without this book!
Trans-Siberian Handbook (Trailblazer) Includes a great km by km description of the route.
By Train to Shanghai: A Journey on the Trans-Siberian Railway If you don't have time to do the journey yourself, do it from the comfort of your armchair!
The Linger Longer: Driving the Trans-Siberian: The Ultimate Road Trip Across Russia: Volume 2
Russian (Lonely Planet Phrasebook) One of the four most important books I took with me!
Mongolian (Lonely Planet Phrasebook) Thanks to this book I learnt that the old man by the temple was the oldest Prince of Mongolia - at least that's what he told me!
Mandarin Phrasebook (Lonely Planet Phrasebook) Thanks to this book I had some very memorable conversations, and managed to keep out of trouble!