Enamelling (Jewellery Handbooks) Informative, inspiring and useful!
Enamelling on Precious Metals The pictures aren't great but there are lots of useful tips.
The Art of Enameling A must have book if you are into enamelling - the best!
The Jeweller's Directory of Decorative Finishes: From Enamelling and Engraving to Inlay and Granulation Excellent reference book for various finishes on metal.
First Steps in Enamelling A good starting point, with step-by-step projects for the various enamelling techniques.
7000 Years of Jewellery Loads of inspiring pictures of jewellery through the ages.
Jewellery Making: A Complete Course for Beginners I use this one a lot!
The Rings Book (Jewellery Handbooks) If rings are your thing, you'll find this one useful.
Tips and Shortcuts for Jewellery Making Great tips, especially if you like making your own jewellery making tools.
Jewellery (Two-in-One Manuals) For beginners, but with some good projects. Well illustrated.