Wolf Garten IEM Multi-Change Cultiweeder A plow with a hoe bar, cuts & lifts weeds & earth - an excellent ergonomic cultivator. Use a shorter handle in smaller beds.
Wolf Garten DAS Multi-Change Soil Miller Turn clods into fine tilthe for seed sowing & planting. Attached hoe bar lifts earth & maintains depth. I use before seeding: new lawns, green manure, crops...
Wolf Garten HWM15 15 cm Multi-Change Draw Hoe 12 curved tines gently lift surface when drawn back & glide over the top when pushed out. Ideal to grade & level soil & gravel.
Wolf-Garten B25M Multi-Change Flexi Broom
Wolf Garten Multi-Change URM3 Roller Moss Remover
WOLF-Garten RGM Multi-Change Adjustable Fruit Picker Tree Care Tool Head, Red I use with 120cm handle. 2 widths available. Use for ridging up, working drills. Use push button handle release.
WOLF-Garten ZM02 Multi-Change Mini Handle, Red, 15 cm