The Essence of T'ai Chi: Selections from the T'ai Chi Classics on the Great Power and Inner Meaning of This Ancient Martial Art
Steal My Art: Memoirs of a 100 Year Old T'ai Chi Master, T.T.Liang
Ways of Learning: A Handbook for Teachers and Students of Tai Chi and the Martial Arts (The Tai Chi Trilogy 3)
Classic Tai Chi Sword (Tuttle Martial Arts)
Tai Chi Chuan Martial Applications: Advanced Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan (Martial Arts-Internal)
The Power of Internal Martial Arts and Chi: Combat and Energy Secrets of Ba Gua, Tai Chi and Hsing-i
Tai Chi Chuan: 24 & 48 Postures with Martial Applications
Tai Chi Ball Qigong: For Health and Martial Arts
Bagua and Tai Chi: Exploring the Potential of Chi, Martial Arts, Meditation, and the I Ching
Tai Chi: Supreme Ultimate Exercise for Health, Sport and Self-Defense