Sidney Chambers and the Shadow of Death: Grantchester Mysteries 1 Marvellous: our favourite book
Bearded Tit: A Love Story with Feathers Combines his undergraduate romance with his quite inspiring birdwatching passion.
Period Piece - A Cambridge Childhood By Charles Darwin's grand-daughter.
Porterhouse Blue: (Porterhouse Blue Series 1) Wonderfully amusing, set in a fictional Cambridge college.
The Fry Chronicles
Fever Pitch Includes his time at Cambridge supporting the "U"'s.
Case Histories: (Jackson Brodie)
Stranger Than… – Stuart: A Life Backwards A different view of Cambridge. Rather more "town" than "gown"
Collected Poems (New Official Brooke Society Introduction Included) Marvellous poems about Cambridge and Granchester
The Genius in my Basement