Summer Promise And Other Stories
The House Of Bonneau: An emotional and heartbreaking saga you’ll never forget...
Madeleine: A gripping and passionate saga set in Yorkshire that you won’t be able to put down…
Doctor Rose
A House By The Sea: A beautifully moving and heart-warming novel about life and loss
The Rainbow Through The Rain: A moving, heart-warming and uplifting story of love and loyalty that you’ll never forget
Ruth Appleby: The inspiring and uplifting story of one woman’s quest for a better life…
Mulberry Lane
A Blessing In Disguise
The Birthday Party
Golden Girls
Midsummer Meeting
The Bright One: An inspiring and uplifting saga set in Ireland and Yorkshire, guaranteed to stay with you for a long time
Cara's Land
The Apple Tree: get swept away by this captivating, heart-warming and uplifting novel set in the Yorkshire Dales
Spring Music: A heart-warming and uplifting novel about fresh starts and new beginnings
Mixed Blessings: A wonderfully heart-warming novel guaranteed to stay with you for ever
The Mountain: An emotional saga of fierce passions you won’t want to put down…
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