Dark Journey Possibly Tiffany's finest screen performance, a tale of urban horror with a supernatural twist.
Unravelling Global Apartheid: An Overview of World Politics Established as standard reading in many universities, Titus' book takes an in-depth examination of global economic manipulations.
Flucht und Heimkehr Learn German while at the same time find out what life was like for refugees in war torn Germany. Paperback.
Edinburgh in Focus Beautiful photographs of Edinburgh perfect for those wishing to remind themselves of their visit.
LAND LINES. Lovers of landscapes will enjoy this book for its sweeping photography and elegant text.
Festival and Fringe : The Edinburgh International the Years 1982-1986 A unique compilation of vivid photographs of the Edinburgh International Festival and Fringe Festival of arts and culture.
Told by the Peat Fire (Storytelling) A collection of stories to be told by the fireside or to classrooms of children.
Doppelte Lottchen: Gr. 3. (New Oxford German Readers) Also known as "Parent Trap" this enjoyable reader is ideal for teaching your class while at the same keeping the children entertained.