The Forager Handbook Comprehensive, well-researched guide to the edible plants of Britain. Arranged by plant family. Excellent.
Food for Free (Collins Natural History) Available in various designs over the years but this remains a classic of wild food foraging.
Food For Free A pocket-sized version of the classic of wild food foraging.
Wild Food: A Complete Guide for Foragers An updated classic of the field. More River Cottage than SAS Survival, this nevertheless contains a multitude of wild food possibilities.
Wild Food This paperback edition eliminates the glaring editorial errors of the hardback original. Prof. Gordon Hillman's knowledge is second to none.
The New Oxford Book of Food Plants Bridging the gap between domestic wild species, their cultivated relatives and non-native food plant species, this is very informative.
Poisonous Plants and Fungi: An Illustrated Guide (Tso) A sobering text for any wild food forager, this is a guide to the many poisonous plants that may harm you if you get it wrong!